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When it comes to hearing aids, our goal is to find the most appropriate hearing technology for YOU.

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The Right Hearing Aid For You

We take our time talking to you so we understand what sounds you want to hear better and what you need from your hearing aids. This means we want to understand your lifestyle, such as where you spend your time, how active you are, and what sounds matter to you the most. Other information regarding your hearing loss will become apparent after we complete your audiological evaluation.

Hearing aid lineup at Audiology Group of Northern Colorado

Based on these factors, we can determine what hearing aid technology will be most effective for you. We can also get a sense for what hearing aid style you'll like best, taking into consideration your personal preferences as well as what your hearing loss requires. We consider:

  • Audibility: Could you hear it?
  • Intelligibility: Was it clear?
  • Comfort: Was it at the proper level for you?

Your happiness with your hearing aids is our priority, that’s why we always consider what you want. The best hearing aids are the ones you'll wear. We never want you to leave your hearing aids in a drawer because you don't like them. Patients almost never return hearing aids to us because we take the time to determine the right style, fit, and programming for your personal needs, so you’re satisfied right away.

Hearing Aid Types

Many of our patients choose hearing aids with more advanced technology, but not everybody needs top-of-the-line hearing devices. We will recommend hearing aids based off what we believe you would like and will go over all your options, so you’ll get excellent sound quality no matter what. The main difference between more technologically advanced hearing devices and other hearing aids is how precisely we can program them to address your hearing loss. They tend to have even more variables we can tweak to make them work optimally for you. That level of control is great, but it's not always necessary, and you'll still get good results with more budget-friendly options. It's just a question of finding the right hearing aid for you.

Another important difference is the style of hearing aid you choose. We offer IIC (invisible-in-canal), CIC (completely-in-canal), ITC (in-the-canal), ITE (in-the-ear), BTE (behind-the-ear), and RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing aids.

IIC Hearing aid at Audiology Group of Northern Colorado CIC hearing aid at Audiology Group of Northern Colorado ITC hearing aid at Audiology Group of Northern Colorado

ITE hearing aid at Audiology Group of Northern Colorado RIC Hearing aid at Audiology Group of Northern Colorado BTE hearing aid at Audiology Group of Northern Colorado

Style generally doesn't affect the price, but it can affect comfort and quality of sound. All of these hearing aid styles are quite discreet and hard to notice. Some are more appropriate for mild hearing loss than severe hearing loss, and some are particularly effective at treating hearing losses with specific characteristics.

Hearing Aid Brands

We have worked with many hearing aids over the years, but we continue partnering with Oticon because they have consistently impressed us with their outstanding technology. They also share our philosophy that hearing is part of the whole person. It's not just getting you to hear better in a particular situation — it's about improving every aspect of your life that requires you to hear.

Hearing Aid Technology

Audiology and hearing aid technology is always changing and improving. Ongoing research means improved hearing aids and better standards of care. We work hard to stay on top of these advancements so that we can continue offering the best to our patients.

Recently, we've been thrilled to see certain changes that have really made a difference in our patients' lives. It's incredible how better hearing aids are than they used to be, and we're looking forward to seeing what's on the horizon.

Two of the most remarkable changes are:

  • Sound quality: Hearing aids now offer dependable sound that goes much deeper than just whether you can hear something or not. As lovers of sound and music in all its forms, we appreciate being able to give patients a truly beautiful experience beyond just clarity or performance.
  • Connectivity: Many hearing aids can connect directly to your phone or wirelessly to other devices. Imagine how convenient and comfortable it is to have your TV, phone calls, or music streamed directly into your hearing aids.

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