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COVID-19 (Coroanvirus) Response

In response to the health concerns posed by the coronavirus, our office is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We are able to answer phone calls and emails, so please contact us with any questions. We want to do our part to minimize the risk to our patients and to our community. We are continuing to monitor the situation and we will keep you informed in case further closure is advised. We appreciate your understanding.

Meet "Sunny", the Disinfecting Robot

Back in March, we started to work with a company in Denver to create a solution for pathogen control in the clinic. We were able to take a cell out of a ceiling-mounted hospital operating room UVC system and mount it on a tripod. This way, we can disinfect the clinic to be 99.9%+ bacteria, mold, and virus free (including COVID-19).

Once Sunny detects that the room is empty, it blasts the space with UVA/B/C light every six seconds at a high intensity. 30 minutes later, the space is clean. Every inch of our reception area, treatment spaces, and offices receives a visit from Sunny at regular intervals during the day.

We are proud to say that we are safe in our professional healthcare environment - and so are you!

Trusted Hearing Healthcare that Empowers You

At the Audiology Group of Northern Colorado in Fort Collins, Colorado, we understand what hearing means for you and how challenging it can be to go without it. We want to keep you connected to the world and with the people you love.

We are here to help you enjoy the sounds of life and gain back what is important to you. Request your appointment today, and let us help you hear better.

Experience The Beauty of Sound Again

Our job is to give you your hearing back and reconnect you with the sounds you love. When it comes to hearing aids, we focus on three things:

  • Audibility: Could you hear it?
  • Intelligibility: Was it clear?
  • Comfort: Was it at the proper level for you?

At the Audiology Group of Northern Colorado, we are committed to ensuring that your hearing aids are giving you the best, most beautiful sound possible. Today's hearing aids are powerful and sophisticated enough to improve the actual sound quality you're experiencing, not just amplify sound and filter background noise

Patient-Centered and Values-Driven

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Audiology isn't about sales to us. It's about changing lives. Our patients' are at the center of everything we do, including our approach to hearing evaluations, the hearing aids we choose to carry, and the way we determine which hearing aids to recommend.

We love being able to see the difference the right hearing aids can make in someone's life. Hearing aids don't just improve communication and let you hear sounds again, they help you rebuild connections with the people you love. The change is drastic, seeing the confidence, happiness, and satisfaction in patients when they come back after trying out a pair of hearing aids that work for them.

Your hearing is too important to put aside until later. If you are experiencing hearing loss, or you need new hearing aids, trust us to find the solution for you.

Why Choose Us?

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  • We've been helping our neighbors in Fort Collins hear better since 1999. We are an established part of this community, and we truly care about the people around us.
  • We are picky about the hearing aids we provide. Optimal outcomes require state-of-the-art technology. Our hearing solutions are proven effective.
  • We get to know you as a whole person. We take the time to listen to you about what you need and what you want to hear. We're not just fixing a simple problem, we're finding solutions that will improve your everyday life.
  • We educate our patients. We're a resource for you, and we want you to understand your hearing and your options.
  • We offer a "test drive" period with new hearing aids. We want you to be comfortable with the hearing aids we fit, so we make sure you have a chance to test them in your day-to-day life before committing to them.
  • We go the extra mile. It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what can we do to empower you. We’ve even driven to see patients when they couldn't come to see us.

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